Who we are

The BIG Picture:

Cru began with two people and a lot of prayer in 1951.  Since then, Cru has grown to have over 27k staff in over 190 countries- more than McDonalds.  We strongly believe that it is possible to achieve the Great Commission within your lifetime.  If we can reach the campus today, we will reach the world tomorrow.

Here in Cincinnati there are multiple campuses, with over 100,000 college students who are all in the crossroads of life, making big decisions that will affect them (and those around them) for the rest of their lives.

We want to give every student the opportunity to know Jesus.  We want to equip students who love Jesus and teach them how to pour their lives into others.  And we want to send those students out to change the world.

Win. Build. Send.  It’s the core DNA that has shaped Cru for over 60 years.

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We believe that as people, we are all pretty messed up. We call it the Fallen Condition. We also believe that there is good news- the gospel- about a guy called Jesus who wasn’t messed up, and fixes our messedupedness. We call it the Christ Solution.

How can we know God personally?

When we say gospel, we mean 3 things: The gospel is a message of truth anchored in historical fact. The gospel is a story of grace and hope for hurting people in a jacked-up world. The gospel is the announcement of a righteous ruler who is able to fix everything that has ever gone wrong.

Check out Cru’s official statement of faith.


How we roll:

We want to be continually growing in these areas as individuals and as a collective movement. We want to be multiplying these characteristics into others throughout our lives as well.

We call this the three E’s. Its kind of a Cincinnati Cru thing, but its starting to catch on. See a short video on ’em here.

Here you go:

Embrace the Gospel Personally: Your spiritual journey is your own. The pace at which you travel is up to you. But our hope is that along the way you encounter Christ—many times over. That you are enamored by His majesty and moved by His humility. That along the way you embrace Christ not just as the entrance to heaven, but as the treasure above all things both before and after the pearly gates.

Experience the Gospel Together: Hide n go seek was a fun game when we were kids. Now that we’re older the game has gotten more sophisticated, instead of hiding under the bed we now simply hide behind masks wondering if anyone is willing to seek out the real me. I like hide and go seek as long as people are willing to seek me out—it’s no fun hiding if no one is seeking. At Cru we want to seek one another out in safe genuine community without masks. To be involved enough to care, to care enough to act, to act in a way where we experience the truth and grace of the Gospel of Christ to bring healing to our hiding hearts.

Extend the Gospel to Others: If the world is broken and if Christ is the solution then those who embrace Him have a great privilege—a privilege to know Him, but also a privilege to join Him in his redeeming work in the world. From individual hearts to social and political systems, we desire to be engaged in the world being, doing, and saying the Gospel. We break it down like this. We want to be—Display—the Gospel in the way we live. We want to do—Demonstrate—the Gospel by stepping into the emotional and physical needs of those around us. We want to say—Declare—the Gospel to those who do not yet know Christ.

That specific focus on Extending the gospel to others tends to set us apart from many other campus ministries.


We want you to know Jesus, and make him more known. We want to be a life-changing community with a world-changing mission.