I’m new here

Did you know this is the most pivotal time in your entire life? It is for all the people around you as well.  There are countless forces vying for your money, your time, and frankly, your life. You are free to make whatever decisions you want, and those decisions will affect you for the rest of your days on this earth.

So what do you want to live for? How do you want to invest your life?

What if you could be apart of changing the world? What if you could be apart of seeing lives changed? And what if your life was transformed while on the adventure?

We believe real change only comes from one source: the gospel. The word “gospel” means good news. In this case, we are referring to the good news that you can’t earn your way to heaven or be a good enough person. While all other religions teach that you get to heaven by doing enough good things, Jesus says its not possible for you to be good enough to meet his standards- and he offers an alternative.

Its radical. Its amazing. And it changes everything.

We would love to get to know you and help you experience the gospel in community of friends and caring people, empower you as you get to know Jesus, and equip you as you tell others about the good news. Check out a local lifegroup or swing by our large group weekly meeting. While you are at it you can check out our facebook page or follow us on twitter to keep up with upcoming events!