Times and Locations

What is a lifegroup?

A lifegroup isn’t supposed to be just a 1 hour bible study that happens once a week. It’s a group of people to share life with. To have fun with. And to together display, demonstrate, and declare the gospel. A lifegroup is a smaller community within our campus-wide movement. A life-changing community, with a world-changing mission.

We want our lifegroups to encompass 3 components.

  1. We want to spend time talking about one of the two things on this earth that lasts forever: God’s word. What does it say? What does it mean? And how does it apply to and change my life? Generally speaking, the passages we talk about correspond to what we are talking about at the large group weekly meeting.
  2. We want to have fun. Think about who you want to go see movies with, play ultimate Frisbee with, and study with. A lifegroup is a great place to find those people. Its that whole ‘community’ thing. Many people end up living with people they met in lifegroup after moving out of the dorms.
  3. We want to be on mission. There are hundreds of people who don’t know Jesus all around you every day. What if together we could give those people access to the life-giving, life-changing good news of the gospel? What if we got to see their lives transformed, and when you get to heaven you get to see them and remember together what you were apart of? How cool would that be?