University of Cincinnati

A cat with the size and power of a bear.  A bear with the agility and stealth of a cat.  That sounds terrifying.

With over 40,000 students attending the University of Cincinnati, its one of the largest campuses in Ohio.  Right now, we have several weekly small group meetings, known as lifegroups, and a weekly large group meeting where you can expect to see 160 or so students like you.


Northern Kentucky University

What is a Norsemen? How about hardcore warriors on par with ninjas, but no where near as soft.

Northern Kentucky University is one of the fastest developing universities in the area. Currently, we have a lifegroup on campus, and would love to grow!

The lifegroup for the fall of 2015 will be lead by Erika Freeman, and will be on Wednesday’s from 5-7pm, in Norse Commons 140.  See you there!


Where is mine?

We have limited resources (people, time, money) right now.  If you are on a local campus and want to see Cru there, well, so would we!  Please contact us!

In the mean time, here are some resources for you to start thinking about how God could use you to reach the campus you are on:

 Starter Kit A